Non-contributory economic benefit from Social Security for the disabled

If the person is disabled from birth , from a very early age or has not reached that minimum contribution level, there is a non-contributory economic benefit.

This help is directly related to family income and cannot be less than 25% provided by law. In addition, in cases in which the person needs occasional or continuous assistance, it is contemplated that 50% be received as a complement .

Aid for people with family members with disabilities

Persons in charge of children or parents with disabilities can also benefit from other types of aid, provided that their family member has a justified degree of dependency.

The granting of all this aid, including housing rental aid for the disabled, must be the result of an evaluation process by the Public Administration, which assesses all the circumstances surrounding the families requesting the aid and dictates a resolution indicating the amount to be received and other information of interest related to each case.

Apart from these grants for the rental of housing for the disabled, there are other types of subsidies that support the economy of people with disabilities and that are related to the acquisition of adapted vehicles, sports, culture and tourism or training and study .